Melody Teh


Tue, 16 Jun, 2015

5 Australian foodie creations taking the world by storm

5 Australian foodie creations taking the world by storm

Our Australian love of food experimentation and travel have seen some quintessentially Aussie dishes pop up on menus from Brooklyn to Berlin. Here are five Aussie dishes and beverages that are enjoying global popularity at the moment.

1. Flat White

Australia’s favourite coffee is fast overtaking cappuccinos and lattes as the drink of choice around the world. Even the coffee giant Starbucks in the US have introduced it to their menu, even though many Americans aren’t too sure what it is yet.

2. Avocado on toast

Smashed avocado on toast has become a staple of the Aussie café and the rest of the world is quickly catching up to healthy, creamy appeal of “nature’s butter.”

3. Sticky date pudding

The Australian reinvention of the traditional British sticky toffee pudding has eclipsed the original’s popularity.

4. Corn fritters

Aussie cook Bill Granger’s famed sweet corn breakfast fritters is beginning to gain popularity in London and New York as café diners search for more sophisticated options.

5. Lamingtons

The classic Australian sponge covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut is going global with lamingtons offered in cafes in Singapore and all over London.

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