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Wed, 22 Apr, 2015

10 delicately balanced rocks that defy gravity

10 delicately balanced rocks that defy gravity

Sculpted by the elements over millennia, these must be the world’s most precariously balanced rocks.

Hoodoos in Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness

Credit: Cecil Whitt

Mushroom Rock State Park, USA

Credit: John Elk III/Lonely Planet Images

Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods

Credit: Bryan Mullennix/Getty Images

Kannesteinen rock, Norway

Credit: Kjerstin Gjengedal/Getty Images

Marble Canyon, Arizona

Credit: Sohm via Getty Images

Krishna’s Butter Ball, India

Credit: Mitsuo Ambe/Getty Images

Ténéré desert rock

Credit: National Geographic Creative

El Capitan (not the one in Yosemite national park), USA

Credit: Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures/National Geographic Creative

Balanced Rock Park, USA

Credit: Gerry Slabaugh

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