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Mon, 27 Apr, 2015

100-year-old maths teacher still working at the same school she attended in the 1920s

100-year-old maths teacher still working at the same school she attended in the 1920s

A 100-year-old math teacher is still working at the elementary school she attended as a child in the 1920s.

Madeline Scotto, of Brooklyn, New York, remains a dedicated educator to her students at St. Ephrem's elementary school, where she herself graduated in 1928.

While Mrs Scotto stopped teaching classes 10 years ago, she still works three days a week as a math bee coach, tutoring children during their lunch break. And for someone who celebrated her centenary last October, she’s as sharp as ever.

“I think it just happens, you know. You don’t even realise it,” said Mrs Scotto of her 100th birthday. “Last year I thought, ‘This can’t be, that I’m going to be 100.’ I sat down and did the math actually. I thought, I could not trust my mind. This I had to put paper to pencil – I couldn’t believe it myself.”

And don’t ask her to retire anytime soon.

“I don't ever want to hear that word,” she said, adding, “Some people like what they're doing, but I have a passion for what I'm doing, and when you have a passion for something, you never give up.”

For Mrs Scotto, teaching at the school keeps her young but if you’re after her tips for a long life, it’s really quite simple. “Eat well, stay active, be frugal, don't worry too much,” she says.

“I pray hard, I really work hard and I’m happy," she added. "That’s not my fault. All the people around me make me happy.” 

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