How to use Google to find your phone

How to use Google to find your phone

Good news for Android phone users who’ve misplaced their phones because finding it is now as simple as asking Google.

Google recently announced a tool that locates missing phones by searching “find my phone”. The feature works with Android phones that have the latest Google app installed. You must also be signed into your Google account on both your phone and desktop browser.

Once you’ve done that, anytime you’ve misplaced your phone (it always ends up underneath the sofa cushions…) or think you’ve left it in the supermarket, you can now ask Google to find your phone. If the phone is nearby, you can get Google to ring it for you or you can see it on the map if you did leave it in the supermarket.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Sign into your Google account

2. Type “find my phone” on the Google homepage

3. A map will appear as the first search result with a message asking you to sign in again to confirm your identity

4. Your phone’s location is then pinpointed on the map. You can click the “ring” button beneath the map which will then call your phone.

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