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10 things we sort of miss because of technological advances

10 things we sort of miss because of technological advances

The world has certainly changed in the last few decades – great technological advancements has meant many things we did in the past are all but a memory (or they are on their way out.) Let’s look back on ten things we sort of miss even though they’ve been replaced by new technology.

1. Buying disposable cameras, only taking picture that were worth the cost of film and having to go all the way to the chemist to develop and print photographs. Then you had to decide how to arrange them in an album.

2. Recording your favourite television programs using a video tape. Nowadays people are downloading movies and TV shows straight to their computer.

3. Saving all your loose change just in case you needed to use the pay phone when you were out. And having to remember numbers.

4. Spending hours over a road map and writing down your own directions so you wouldn’t get lost before a holiday road trip or just going somewhere new. Nobody needs to remember how to get anywhere now because most have GPS.

5. Physically visiting institutions like banks, post office and the newsagents. We don’t miss the long lines but at least it was personal.

6. Hand-writing essays, letters and notes, which meant knowing how to hand-write. Now it’s about how fast you type not how legible your handwriting is!

7. Looking up information in big encyclopaedias and definitions in the dictionary. Not just consulting the internet.

8. Receiving mail in your letterbox not your inbox. Unluckily, there is more “junk mail” and spam now than ever.

9. Advertising or looking for finds in classified section of the newspaper.

10. Packing your friends in the backseats of the car to go to the drive-in movies because it was the only one around. While we do love the comfy seats in air-conditioned cinemas, you can’t beat the fun and romantic possibilities of drive-in cinemas. 

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