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Netflix is coming and why you'll love it

Netflix is coming and why you'll love it

If you haven’t heard of Netflix you’d be forgiven because it is currently only available in the US and some parts of Europe. Netflix is an online video streaming service that lets you watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on-demand. The US entertainment site is extremely popular with over 50 million subscribers in America. The good news is that it’s finally coming down under! The official launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet but at a recent event in Cannes, Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said Australia and New Zealand are “very attractive territories that are English-speaking and love US content”. This public statement seems to confirm speculation that Netflix will arrive on our shores very soon - most likely next year. However, we can’t quite contain our excitement. Why? Here are just a few reasons.

1. A big selection of movies – Hundreds of movies and TV shows are at the tip of your fingertips. Netflix also have a multiple categories making finding a movie for your select taste so much easier.

2. Convenient and easy – No need to go out and rent or buy DVDs. Just jump online, search and watch.

3. Tailored for you – As you watch different films and shows, Netflix will create a list of similar picks for you.

4. No commercials – Unlike commercial or cable TV there are no ads on Netflix. Watch your movies and TV shows uninterrupted!

5. Great documentaries to choose from – The sometimes unappreciated doco genre is loved on Netflix. You will learn about the strangest subjects in the world and love it.

6. Watch TV shows from start to finish – Whole seasons of TV are on demand so you can re-watch your favourite shows from start to finish.

7. Create queues – Make lists of movies to watch later. Now there will always be something you want to watch on TV.

8. Lots of family-friendly and educational programs – Netflix has not forgotten about the kids. With ratings, reviews and information on all programs, you can make an informed choice on what the grandkids can watch when they’re staying over.

9. Great selection of classics – Those shows from your childhood that are so hard to track down are on Netflix!

10. Watch Netflix on the go – Netflix is available on multiple devices like you tablet and laptop.

11. One of the cheapest services around - It is widely believed the Netflix rate will mirror the cheap US rate which is approximately $10 per month. That's around the price of three coffees! 

UPDATE: Netflix has just confirmed it will be launching in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015. No word yet on the pricing but we'll keep you updated as more information gets released.