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NEVER pay for an ebook again

NEVER pay for an ebook again

If you’re a bit of bookworm and love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and read a novel a day on your tablet, you’ll want to read this.

Gone are the days of lugging heavy books around Kindles and tablets are a great way to read anytime anywhere. But if you’re somewhat of a book fanatic you might find you’re forking out quite a bit on the buying ebooks. Follow these handy hacks on how you can save money and even get some ebooks for free.

1. Seek bargain and free ebooks

  • The Amazon Kindle Store displays a list of the top 100 free best sellers.
  •  Pixel of Ink posts free and discounted ebooks daily.
  • Smashwords has free and bargain-priced ebooks from independent authors available in several different e-reader formats.
2. Read classics for free

Works that have no current copyright are under the public domain and are free for distribution. Several websites make these works available for e-readers, including Project Gutenberg, which has the most comprehensive collection. While sites like Feedbooks and Manybooks have less of a selection, their ebooks are well formatted and error-checked.

3. Swap and borrow

Lend and borrow with friends, family and strangers. allows you to lend or borrow books from other members for free. If you join, follow the etiquette of loaning a book before you borrow one. When looking for a book to borrow, you can search the title, or browse recent loans. Amazon Prime members can also borrow books. You can borrow one e-book per month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which has thousands of selections to choose from. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can trial month for free.  

4. Stay in-the-know

Many blogs regularly post news on recently discounted or newly released free e-books. For the Kindle, check out the The Kindle Review or Kindle Nation Daily, both of which post daily updates on new free e-books from Amazon. NOOK owners should bookmark Nook Lovers for their bargain e-books.


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