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Radio station apologises for mistakenly declaring death of Queen Elizabeth

Radio station apologises for mistakenly declaring death of Queen Elizabeth

A French radio station has deeply apologised for posting an obituary stating that Queen Elizabeth II had died.

RFI stressed out royal fans with the news, stating that she had passed away at 94.

The obituary had been prepared in draft form so it's ready in the event of the Queen's death, which is a common practice in the media.

Other stars who had passed away included Clint Eastwood, 90, Sophia Loren, 86 and Brigitte Bardot, 86.

The obituaries were quickly pulled down.

It read: "A technical problem has resulted in the publication of numerous obituaries on our French site.

"We are working to rectify this serious bug, and we apologise to all concerned as well as those who follow us and put their trust in us."

Jessica Phelan, a journalist for Italian news site The Local Italy took a screenshot of the fake obituaries before they were taken down.

She shared a photo of the obituaries on Twitter along with the caption: "Solidarity with former colleagues @RFI, which just accidentally published stacks of draft obits for people who are very much not dead—inc Queen Elizabeth, Raul Castro, Brigitte Bardot & more—complete with dates they were last updated & alternative leads if they die of Covid-19."

Luckily for royal fans, the Queen is alive and well whilst navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

She's currently in lockdown with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle with essential staff after the UK goes into lockdown for a second time.