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Meet the 59-year-old man who has the most piercings in the world

Meet the 59-year-old man who has the most piercings in the world


Rolf Buchholz, 59, has taken piercing to an extreme level – with a total of 453 metal piercings on his body, the German man is the Guinness World Record holder.

As the world’s most pierced man, it may seem incomprehensible to many how he could carry out his day to day functions like any other normal person.

Mr Buchholz has 278 metal piercings in his genitalia alone. It doesn’t stop there though as the German man also wears a number of tattoos with pride and even has horn implants on his head.

However, the 59-year-old insists his life is as normal as anyone else, including his sex life.

“It’s not a problem at all. I have had the piercings already so long, if there was a problem, I would have got rid of them already long ago,” he told The Sun.

As well as his downstairs area carrying an enormous number of piercings, Mr Buchholz also has 94 in and around his mouth.

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While the 59-year-old confirms he has no complaints in the bedroom, he says it’s a different matter entirely with airport security.

When travelling to the United Arab Emirates for an appearance at a nightclub in Dubai, he claims authorities turned the man away as they were terrified he practiced “black magic.”

“Those who escorted me back to the aeroplane said that it was because of the way I looked and that it was because I am black magic.”

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