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How to keep your memories safe

How to keep your memories safe

Before you go on holiday, it’s important to learn about how best to keep your photos safe. There is one main way to ensure that your photos won’t be lost even if you misplace your camera or phone.

With the fear of losing our phones/cameras also comes the fear of losing all of the memories we have stored on these devices. But don’t worry, as long as you have internet connection abroad (e.g. wifi or SIM data plan), you should be able to follow the tip below and keep your memories safe.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining of losing your phone is that you have already backed-up your holiday memories in the cloud. The cloud is a term used for a storage place on the internet.

First step is to create an account with:

OneDrive (5GB free storage)

Dropbox (2GB free storage)

Google Drive (15GB free storage)

Box (10GB free storage)

Amazon Cloud Drive

Once you have an account set up, you may then upload your photos/videos up onto this private virtual storage space. After you upload your memories, they exist now in two places, firstly still on your phone or computer, and secondly online. And since they exist online, you can access them from anywhere you have internet connection.

A smart thing to do before you leave for your holiday is to backup all of your photos already existing on your phone or camera onto your computer or your cloud storage account (see above for some service options). That way, when you head out for vacation you not only have more space to take more photos on your phone/camera, but also don’t risk losing those older photos due to loss of device. Remember, you can always access any photos you have stored on the cloud as long as you have internet connection.

Pro TipWhile you are on holiday, periodically take the time to find internet connection and upload your new holiday memories to the cloud. This way, you will be able to keep as many photos backed up as possible and stress a bit less!

Many of these services offer smartphone applications available for download from your phone’s app store. If you are travelling without a computer, and plan to take photos with your phone camera, it could be wise to set up the cloud storage service application on your phone for easy access to your cloud account.