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The benefits of living in a retirement village

The benefits of living in a retirement village

The number of Australians living in retirement villages is growing each year. At present over 1,800 villages exist around the country with approximately 138,000 people living in them.

There are many benefits to retirement village living, so to work out if this could be a good option for you, read on.

A sense of community 

So many retirees live alone or far away from friends and family. A retirement village will give you a feeling of being part of a community of like minded people. These are people in a similar stage of their life who are also looking for connection with others.

Low maintenance living

Most retirement villages have shared spaces that you don’t need to personally maintain. That means no vacuuming after breakfast and no lawns to mow. If you want to travel, you can simply lock your door and get going without having to worry.

An active lifestyle

Many retirement villages are located in areas with quality services and fun activities on site or close by. You won’t need to travel to far to get a round of golf in, or take a swim. You can keep active without having to worry about owning a car or getting someone to pick you up to go somewhere.

Flexible options

Most villages give you the option of using all of their services, or having a completely independent unit. The great thing is that if your needs change you can take advantage of specific services that the offer as you need them. You can get as involved in the social side of life as you like, or keep to yourself with the option to join in if you like down the track.

Affordable living

You can enjoy the services offered in a retirement village at a much lower cost than you could if you were paying for them as an individual. Accessibility to medical care, therapy, cleaning and transport services is simple and economical when you are a member of a retirement village. 

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