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ALDI employee reveals shoppers’ most irritating Special Buys habit

ALDI employee reveals shoppers’ most irritating Special Buys habit

An ALDI employee has revealed the erratic customer behaviour during major Special Buy sales that irritate staff members around ther globe.

While speaking to Insider, the worker slammed customers for the things they do when they are shopping at the German supermarket.

The staff member sad one of their biggest contentions is when customers fail to realise Special Buys items are available for a limited amount of time.

"It's irritating when customers come in searching for a popular Aldi Finds item weeks after it was advertised," the employee called JK said.

"These items aren't restocked, but some customers still throw a fit or try to guilt-trip employees for not ordering enough."

JK went on to say customers frustrate employees when they allow their children to run around unsupervised.

"ALDI is a great place for all ages, but employees will get annoyed if you allow your kids to make a mess in the store and don't clean up after them," an employee called Bronson said.

In May, ALDI revealed they would be testing its popular Special Buys sale by moving it online for a “limited trial” that will “test a range of products” across several months.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for our customers and are very excited to be taking our first steps into e-commerce," ALDI Australia group director of customer interactions Simon Padovani said.

"Our limited initial online offer allows us to set the foundations for our future program."

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