Retirement Life

Shannen Findlay

5 happy retirement tips you need to follow

5 happy retirement tips you need to follow

1. Control your spending

This is one of the biggest steps to ensure your retirement is stress-free. Controlling your spending during retirement is especially important – what is in your savings may be your only form of income.

Unless you’re a millionaire many times over, you need to be able to handle your money – and not necessarily the way you have in the past. Depending on your retirement portfolio, it may be required to scale back on your spending.

2. Make time for the people who mean the most

Whether it is children, grandkids, siblings, extended family or lifelong friends – make time in retirement for the people you really love and admire.

Spending your golden years with your loved ones for a little bit, even if it isn’t for a long period of time. You will feel better knowing you spent some of your precious retirement years with your precious friends and family instead of spending it in isolation.

3. Make a bucket list

What have you always wanted to do? What goals have you wanted to finally achieve? It is important to outline what you want to accomplish in your golden years, as well as your expectations of yourself.

Whether it is going for a walk every day, or saving a portion of your retirement fund, or even smiling at a stranger – make sure you make a bucket list for everything you want to do in life so it’s not left until it’s too late.

4. Consider part-time work

The rumours are true when they say retirement may be more work than you think, as transitioning from 40 years of full-time work to ‘unemployment’ can be a difficult feat.

To help with the transition and to keep yourself busy, consider part-time work. It may be an excellent possibility, as it can ensure you maintain an active lifestyle, mentally, physically and socially.

5. Do your travelling early in retirement

The more distant or exotic your travel plans are, the earlier you should take them in retirement. While a jungle safari or climbing the Himalayas may seem like a great idea in five years’ time, you never know what may come, as health can be a huge factor. You want to ensure you are undergoing your most intense and adventurous travel plans while you’re still relatively young and in your best health.