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Meet the 60-year-old model disrupting ageing

Meet the 60-year-old model disrupting ageing

If it weren’t for her silver hair, we’d have a hard time believing Yazemeenah Rossi was a day older than 40. Even going grey, she definitely doesn’t look her 60 years. The stunning septuagenarian is challenging beauty standards and rocking the notoriously cutthroat fashion industry, thanks to her honest approach to ageing.

Rossi began her modelling career at the relatively late age (at least in the modelling world) of 28. It wasn’t until she turned 45 when she finally scored her big break, thanks in part to her graceful approach to ageing and stunning white hair, which she says she’d never think of dyeing. “I kept my hair natural because I found it very beautiful, and I couldn't stand the idea of putting chemicals on my head,” she tells Good Housekeeping. “I've always found it ridiculous to hide the truth, to ‘fake’ it.”

Since then, the French model has gone from strength to strength, appearing in swimwear and lingerie campaigns as well as huge UK stores like Marks & Spencer and JD Williams.

Despite her stunning, ageless appearance, Rossi unfortunately finds herself the subject of ageism, particularly when it comes to her photos being photoshopped. “Sometimes I barely recognize myself,” she explains. “My hair colour is changed, my teeth are enlarged, I have zero wrinkles... it's quite a weird feeling.”

As for her secret behind her age-defying beauty? Good old diet and exercise, she says. “I always lived a more or less healthy lifestyle,” she tells the Daily Star. “Year after year I’ve refined my awareness of what’s good for me and what’s not. But happiness is what makes you glow, not just the healthy food you put in your body.”

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