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Why Prince Philip has such a special bond with Princess Anne

Why Prince Philip has such a special bond with Princess Anne

A father’s bond with his children is eternal, and for Prince Philip it is much the same. However, the relationship he shares with his only daughter, Princess Anne, has always been special.

Victoria Arbiter, the royal columnist for 9Honey, says Philip struggled with being a father when first stepping into parenthood.

“He’s not a terribly patient man, he’s a very practical man but he – I think he struggled with Prince Charles in some ways because Prince Charles is so different,” the expert explained.

However, his relationship with Princess Anne was always special because of their “likeness".

Reportedly, Prince Philip told everyone his only daughter was “the sweetest girl,” after she was born.

Unlike Prince Charles who was a mirror of his mother, sensitive and patient, Princess Anne closely resembled her father.

“Princess Anne was rough and tumble,” Arbiter says of the Queen's daughter.

“She was up for anything, so Philip and Anne really have always shared a lovely relationship.”

Her love of horses growing up bonded the father-daughter duo even more so, with Prince Philip going out of his way to support his daughter’s equestrian passions, which eventually transformed into a professional career for her.

“If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she isn’t interested,” Philip once joked about Princess Anne’s love of horses.

However, Philip and Anne’s closeness goes far past the similarity of their personalities. The Princess’ formal duties began at just 18 years old and since then she has remained one of the most diligent members of the royal family for the last five decades.

“She’s no nonsense, she’s very much like her father in that regard and Anne just gets on with it,” Arbiter explained about Princess Anne who is now 68.

In 2018, she was named the hardest working royal in 2018.