Ungrateful” bride’s frustration after receiving $10 Kmart wedding gift

Ungrateful” bride’s frustration after receiving $10 Kmart wedding gift

A bride who took to social media to complain about the $10 Kmart gift her best friend gave her, has had the attention backfire.

The unidentified woman from Brisbane took to Facebook to vent her frustration saying she and her husband were “hurt” to have received two $5 towels as gifts for attending their “exclusive” ceremony and reception.

A screenshot of her post soon made its way onto Reddit and despite her asking for suggestions on how to deal with the situation, she was instead met with criticism with people calling her “ungrateful”.

“Hey everyone, has anyone received any wedding gifts in the past that were a slap in the face?” she began the post.

“How do you deal with it? My partner and I had a very exclusive wedding, all inclusive and the focus were our guests.

“Our best friend, husband and kids know this and they gifted us 2 Kmart towels, a total worth about $10. This hurt us a lot, as it was a slap in the face. we don’t know how to deal with it. suggestions?”

However, it was far from the sympathetic response she had hoped for with social media users branding her “shallow” and “mean”.

“Maybe it's all they can afford? Be thankful they wanted to be there to celebrate your special day and focus on the qualities in their personalities rather than the material items they may or may not have given you,” one member of the Facebook group responded.

“Are you serious?” another asked, adding, “it’s not about what you get out of it.”

Another Aussie bride gave her two cents, saying she would be happy if her wedding could even go ahead in August next year.

“Those people who only care about getting gifts really frustrate the hell out of me,” she wrote.

“At this rate, my wedding will be the first time I see my parents in two years (by that stage), my sister in about three years and my best friends in five years … all because of this freaking virus.”

Another person said there was nothing wrong with receiving a Kmart towel as a wedding present.

“Kmart towels are an awesome gift. Who cares how much they cost. What a shallow person,” the person wrote.

“Any suggestions?” Yes, say thank you then shut up,” another person demanded.