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Tying the knot again? Fergie sends fans into a frenzy with wedding post

Tying the knot again? Fergie sends fans into a frenzy with wedding post

It’s the rumour that keeps making the rounds, and it’s back once again.

After the Duchess of York, also known as “Fergie ”, took to Twitter to post a photo of herself standing alongside a beautiful lace wedding dress, fans began to speculate whether she was remarrying Prince Andrew.

The caption read: “I visited the pop-up boutique of @brides_do_good @bicesterVillage and was moved by their mission.

“Brides do Good is a social enterprise that sells designer wedding dresses and donates up to two thirds of the proceeds to projects that provide safe education for girls.

“Their vision is a world without child marriage #bicestervillage.”

Despite the post having a clear purpose, royal fans couldn’t help but question the true intention behind the tweet.

“Thought you might be tying the knot again for a second,” said one user.

“Andrew will love seeing you walking towards him again in that dress,” wrote another.

“Wishing you and the Duke of York will remarry soon, you’re such a great couple to watch, still very close after being divorced for decades,” commented a fan.

“Sarah get remarried to your Prince and then you can buy a dress,” said another.

The former couple have remained extremely close to one another despite their divorce, and also attend many events together.

Fergie once told the Daily Mail that they are the “happiest divorced couple in the world.”

After separating in 1992 and divorcing in 1996, the couple still remain living together.