The votes are in! Can you guess who the world’s most popular royal is?

The votes are in! Can you guess who the world’s most popular royal is?

A new poll from 9,404 interviews has revealed just who exactly the most popular royal is - and the results may or may not surprise you. 

The British public was asked to rate their favourite royal member. 

Queen Elizabeth, followed by her grandson, Prince Harry, was voted the most beloved and well known. 

The British monarch may be Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, but that definitely doesn’t mean she has fallen out of favour with her people. 

The public described Her Majesty as “admirable, hard working, respected, dignified and dedicated,” and was rated at 72 per cent of respondents reporting a positive opinion of her.

The royal rated higher with women at 77 per cent, and with the Baby Boomer generation - she topped at 78 per cent. 

Prince Harry. 34, and Prince William, 37, came in at  a close second and third place. The Duke of Sussex came in at a 71 per cent overall rating while his big brother, The Duke of Cambridge was 69 per cent. 

Not too far behind was Duchess Kate, Prince Philip, along with Duchess Meghan and Prince Charles following. 

After Prince Charles, who is considered the 7th  most popular royal member, a list of lesser known members are listed. Prince Andrew came in last at 21 per cent. 

See how each royal family member ranked by scrolling through the gallery above.