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The awkward way Kate Middleton first met Prince William

The awkward way Kate Middleton first met Prince William

They’ve been married for seven years and have three adorable children, but the first time Prince William met a then Kate Middleton it did not go very well.

As is on royal record, William met Kate when they were both studying at St Andrew’s University in Scotland.

When Kate was first introduced to William, she curtsied to the prince as per etiquette. William’s reaction? He proceeded to spill his entire drink on his shirt, according to royal biographer Christopher Anderson.

“I actually think I went bright red … and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy about meeting you,” Kate said of their introduction in a resurfaced clip from their official engagement interview with ABC News.

“William wasn’t there for quite a bit of the time initially, he wasn’t there from Fresher’s Week, so it did take a bit of time for us to get to know each other.

“But we did become very close friends from quite early on.”

And the rest is history as they say. The friendship soon developed into a relationship and the pair dated throughout and beyond university – with a break in between – before announcing their engagement in 2010.