Serena Williams pays tribute to her father’s “amazing” work ethic

Serena Williams pays tribute to her father’s “amazing” work ethic

As tennis legend Serena Williams has her sights set on the record-equalling 24th grand slam singles crown she’s been training her whole life for, Serena has taken a moment to reflect on her father Richard’s sacrifices to get her to where she is today.

Serena says that the birth of her own daughter Alexis Olympia has made her realise just how much her father gave up for her over the years.

"My dad is amazing. I could never have done what he has done, not only with myself but with Venus," the American told ESPN.

"It's shocking and as a parent to do something every single day is very difficult - and I can't do something with my daughter every single day.

"And I remember when we were young, we went out and trained and practised and we didn't miss a day.”

Serena said that she appreciates the discipline as it has made her a better player.

"To have that discipline actually makes me look at myself as a player, as a parent and just really appreciate my dad so much more than I ever have in the past,” she said.

"It just makes me see it totally different and I love him to death and he's watching all my matches and he's probably already texting me right now saying 'Serena, you need to do this a little more'.

"And I'm like 'okay, Dad, I got this."

As to whether or not her two-year-old will make an appearance at the games? It’s not looking likely until Alexis can sit still.

"She's a little bit loud and obnoxious right now," Williams said at a US Open press conference.

"I'm not sure she should come to the matches."

"I'm hoping next year she'll be at an age where she can sit ... Maybe I'll start at the smaller tournaments and see how she does and go from there. Also, she's still napping. It's hard."

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