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Sam Johnson: “I’ve fallen in love with my sister’s best friend”

Sam Johnson: “I’ve fallen in love with my sister’s best friend”

She’s been by his side even before the passing of his late sister Connie, and last week, Samuel Johnson took to Instagram to praise the “beautiful and gentle” woman who he’s fallen head over heels for.

“This koala makes everything with me. We have built some unusual dreams together over many years,” he captioned a photo featuring the brunette with her face concealed. It was later discovered that the woman in question was Emma Rooke.

“Without her heart and brain, my dreams would remain just that. Thanks for building all the things with me little miss koala. I hope to build one more, as always, but as we know, it’s not up to us.”

While the pair have been close for a number of years, it wasn’t until Connie’s death their bond strengthened even further.

During his stint on Dancing With The Stars, Emma was spotted in the crowd cheering him on as he ultimately won the competition, earning $50,000 for his charity Love Your Sister.

“His eyes lit up when he talked about his partner, but I think the two of them try and keep their relationship private,” a DWTS staff member told Woman’s Day.

“I know Emma was at the finale to see Sam win and she was with him at the party afterwards. I think it’s really sweet. If anyone deserves happiness, Sam does.”

Emma and Connie initially met when they were 12 years old, it was during that time Connie was diagnosed with cancer for the first time.

Shortly before Connie’s passing, Sam told his Instagram followers that Emma was his sister’s “bestie since, like, forever.”

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Time to knock off for a bit. Thanks for a great year. #nowisawesome @samueljjohnson78

A post shared by Love Your Sister (@loveyoursister) on Dec 18, 2015 at 10:17pm PST

“She runs LYS top to bottom since Day 1. On her business card her title is quite rightly ‘The Hecktickest’.”

Emma then confirmed the pair were seeing each other, after sharing a photo of her and Sam and captioning it with words from an apparent love letter from the 41-year-old.

“Her name is Emma and her heart is very almost too big. Thanks for being so thoughtful to so many Emma. One day I’m going to find the present for you that makes your heart sore no more. Just like you did for me.”

It ends with, “I love you always, from you know who.”

The Logie award winning actor hasn’t had an easy life, with his mum committing suicide when he was only a toddler, followed by his former girlfriend, Lainie Woodlands, also taking her life in 2006 after they broke up.

These events led to the entertainer spiralling into depression, but now, friends say that thanks to Emma, Sam is learning to enjoy life once again.