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“Painful memories”: Grant Denyer’s wife breaks down in tears on radio

“Painful memories”: Grant Denyer’s wife breaks down in tears on radio

Chezzi Denyer, the beloved wife of the much admired Grant Denyer, has shared a painful memory of her husband when he was dealing with strong medication.

Chezzi broke down in tears when she called into the 2Day FM breakfast show on Thursday morning, to discuss his 2008 Monster Truck accident that left her then-newly boyfriend with a broken back.

The near-fatal crash resulted in a struggle with prescription drugs, a time he speaks candidly about today.

The horrific accident found the podcast creator of Mummytimeco as his full-time caregiver, as she aided in nursing him back to health as soon as he returned home from hospital.

The talk show host recalls the impact the medication he was taking during his recovery was a “horrific” experience.

“The one thing that nobody ever tells you when you do an injury and the hospital never lets you go telling you, is that the medication is often worse than the actual injury itself,” he said on air.

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“I could barely walk. I would wake up from a horrific dream and go and try and find my wife thinking there was a home invasion and thinking that she was being sexually attacked. I would crawl along the floor to try and fight off attackers that just weren’t there.”

“I’d hallucinate where I couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. The moment you close your eyes you go into your worst and most horrific fears and when you wake up you don’t know the difference between that being real or not,” he said.

Grant says after a few months he made the decision to no longer be reliant on painkillers, one that was made for the sake of healing properly.

He said it was “an ugly process that can do a lot of damage to a relationship. You tend to say things that you do not mean because you have no control over the roller coaster of emotions.”

The mother of two says she attended counselling sessions to heal from the ordeal.

“…He honestly believed he would never walk again and we had no real outside help. When we brought him home from hospital, I’m not a nurse, I didn’t know what I was doing,” she recalled on air.

In tears, she described how difficult it was to help Grant wean off his medication.

“Some of the things that we went through would test any relationship,” she said.

The painful memories the couple both recalled made them both audibly emotional.

“I said things that I had no control over,” the father of two said before saying, “I am so forever sorry for it.”

For Chezzi though, this relationship’s tough times were worth it to her in the end.

“I knew that I loved him.”