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Easy morning rituals to make your relationship happier

Easy morning rituals to make your relationship happier

If you’re in a relationship and are not much of a morning person, your partner may feel a bit worried when your alarm goes off. Will you be cranky? Will you spit in their porridge? This kind of stress can cause tension in a relationship, so why not consider adding some of these little rituals to make your mornings a happier time?

Try smiling

Even if you feel like cocooning yourself away until you’ve had your first coffee, it might not be the best way to start the day. You may not feel like smiling, but giving your partner a happy face to look at can really start things off on the right foot. And the more you do it, the more you might just find that happy feeling sticking around for longer.

Give some affection

Now this doesn’t mean you need to initiate a morning frolic (unless you want to). Just a simple squeeze of their hand as you get up, or a pat on their arm as they pass you on their way to the loo is all we are suggesting. This is especially handy if you find you aren’t keen on too much conversation in the morning.

Avoid phones and social media

Some people want to check emails and social media first thing, but this can cause friction in a relationship. If your partner sees you buried in your phone they may feel you are unapproachable or disinterested in them. Leave the phone on the shelf until the morning rush is over, it can wait.

Make a small gesture

There’s no need to offer breakfast in bed every day, but being the one to put the coffee on each day is a non-verbal way of showing that you care. Feeling appreciated is an important part of any relationship. Be sure to acknowledge anything that your partner does for you in the morning too, such as making the bed or hanging up your towel.

Leave a love note

If you have to get up and go early, why not leave a little post-it with a loving message for your partner? Making someone smile you’re your words is a sure-fire way to keep the love light on throughout the day.

Ask about their day

Try to get an idea of what your partner has on that day, and offer a bit of support if you can. For instance they might be worried about a big meeting they have, or they may remind you about an event they are attending that night. Failure to communicate is a relationship killer, so use the morning to do a quick de-brief on what you both have on.

Give them something to look forward to

The busy morning can rush by, so try to let your partner know that you look forward to seeing them later. Discussing what you’ll have for dinner, or arranging to meet later for a walk is a great way to end your morning routine. It also gives them something to look forward to as they start their day.

How do you and your partner start your day off on the right foot? Let us know in the comments below.


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