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Man set to marry 9th wife two days after they met

Man set to marry 9th wife two days after they met

Ron Shepard, 70, is Britain’s most famous monogamist and is set to marry a 32-year-old after his latest fiancé, 28-year-old Cristel Lalec, dumped him in November 2017.

Ron, who has been married eight times – with his relationships spanning a variation of lengths, ranging from 11 years to just 8 months – admitted, “I have been lonely over the last 10 months and I just want to be with someone who I can love and trust.”

The 70-year-old was married to his seventh wife Wan when he met a young 15-year-old Cristel for the first time – a mutual friend of Wan’s – whilst on holiday in Thailand with a group of friends.

Shortly after his next marriage to wife number 8, Weng, ended, Ron proposed to Cristel.

Cristel, who is planning to be wife number 9, initiated the relationship with Ron on an online adult dating site, reports The Sun.

“She messaged me on Friday and we’ve spoken loads since and she said she doesn’t want to speak to anyone else,” Ron informed The Sun.

Meanwhile, Ron continues to boast about his female pursuers, claiming, “It’s been incredible. I’ve got 60 pages of notifications from women of all ages, including married ones who want to have a fling.”

Ron is a father to eight children from his previous marriages, and admitted, “People have said if I keep going I’ll end up with a football team. I think it’s a case of just wait and see.”

Ron’s previous marriages:

  1. Margaret – 1966, married for 2 years with three children before divorcing in 1968.
  2. Jeanette – 1973, married for one year.
  3. Lesley – 1976, Lesley and Ron had two sons together before he walked out in 1981.
  4. Kathy – 1982, married for four years with one daughter before splitting.
  5. Sue – 1986, Sue and Ron shared 11 years of marriage and had two sons. She eventually threw him out in 1997.
  6. Usha – 1999, married four years.
  7. Wan – 2003, moved home to Bangkok after 8 months of marriage.
  8. Weng – 2004, parted ways in 2015

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