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9 in 10 Aussie seniors think political correctness is out of control

9 in 10 Aussie seniors think political correctness is out of control

Political correctness – it seems we barely go a day without hearing those two words in the media (and on our very own news feeds). And it’s a concept most Aussie seniors think has been taken too far, according to a new survey. The Australian Seniors Insurance Agency asked 1,200 over-50s and millennials for their thoughts on political correctness, social taboos and Aussie values, and what it found might surprise you.

The Modern Australian Manners report has revealed that 87.9 per cent of Aussies over the age of 50 believe that “people are getting too politically correct these days” (86 per cent of whom say it’s ruining society), compared to 77.1 per cent of millennials.

A big issue with political correctness, the survey found, is that many (86.8 per cent) find overly-PC people to be “inauthentic”. As a result, 45.3 per cent of seniors “avoid being politically correct just for the sake of it”, over a half (51.6 per cent) resent “having to be politically correct all the time” and almost a quarter (24.3 per cent) tell jokes they know might make some people uncomfortable.

Modern Australian Manners – The Australian Seniors Series (infographic)

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“Seniors today respect the Aussie values of mateship, equality and taking it on the chin, so it comes as no surprise that they find the rise of political correctness inauthentic and quite annoying,” ASIA spokesman Simon Hovell said.

When it comes to manners, three in five Aussie seniors believe the level of social etiquette is much poorer than it was 10 years ago, with two thirds describing the manners of millennials as “poor”. In fact, over 80 per cent revealed younger generations’ ideas of social etiquette doesn’t make sense to them at all.

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