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10 ingenious gardening tricks

10 ingenious gardening tricks

For the gardeners among us these helpful hacks will not only save time and money but are also much more eco-friendly for the garden. Tried and tested by gardening enthusiasts around the world, these 10 clever tricks will help you make the most of your garden.

1. Reuse citrus rinds (and eggshells) to start seedlings


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2. Pluck some holes in a milk carton and use as a watering can

Milk Watering Can

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3. Cut up a milk carton to use as a shovel

Milk Carton Shovel (1)

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4. Slugs love beer so set a beer trap for them

Repel Slugs Beer

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5. Prick a hole in the lid, turn upside down and a wine bottle will do the watering for you while you’re on holiday

Wine Bottle Waterer

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6. A shoe holder can be transformed into a vertical garden. Great for herbs.

Hanging Garden (1)

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7. Now there’s a purpose for all those toilet rolls – use them as planters!

Toilet Rolls

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8. Use cardboard milk cartons to help celery grow straight and intact  

Milk Cartons

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9. Sprinkle cinnamon on soil after planting seeds to kill fungus and mould


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10. Use PVC piping with holes for aeration of compost


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