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Young tradie’s “embarrassing” blunder

Young tradie’s “embarrassing” blunder

A Melbourne tradie learned he had arrived for a job at the wrong house, after he had just finished ripping up the unknown owner’s backyard pavers.

The tradesman arrived at the Cranbourne West home, in Melbourne’s southeast, before his boss on Monday, May 18 and got straight to work.

But little did he know, there was another house with the exact same number just three doors down the road.

He shared his “embarrassing” error on TikTok the following day, writing: “When you go to prep a pour and end up going to the wrong house.”

“What a way to start the day,” he says in the clip that has since been watched over 165,000 times.

“I get a text to say the address is 37, I word up the client that we’ll come in with the excavator, waited for Tyler, pulled up the pavers, only to find out, there’s a 37 all the way down there too,” he said. 

“I’ve just gone to a complete stranger’s house, got them to open up the shed, pulled out their pavers, waited for my boss, just to find out it’s the wrong house.”

His boss also made a video recording the blunder.

“Get a load of this,” he says in the clip before panning across to the house where the work had been done.

“I’m running late, so he comes in and starts moving things and ripping up pavers, but what he didn’t know was that’s actually the wrong house,” he said.

“And he started ripping up someone else’s pavers, ready for a job that’s not going to happen at their house.

“He doesn’t know what to do. So now we have to put back the pavers and apologise to whoever it is.”

The mix-up happened as both homes had planned renovations that morning and were both numbered 37 but had different street names, so the owners had let him in assuming he was their builder.

The owners were extremely understanding, with the tradie saying “they always seem to get parcels that belong to the actual 37”.

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