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Viewers speak out over new villain of The Block

Viewers speak out over new villain of The Block

We’re not even a week into The Block and a villain has already emerged.

Last night, controversial contestant Sara demanded cash from fellow teams and accused foreman Dan Reilly of intimidatory tactics.

The drama began when Sara found out her husband Hayden had agreed to pay another team’s tradie fees for the day without telling her. Hayden said he’d pay fellow contestant Spence’s $700 “hold up” fee as he was unable to put on his tradies for several hours because of work being done on Sara and Hayden’s apartment.

But Sara was furious when she found out and marched upstairs to tell another team, Bianca and Carla, that she’ll be passing the full $700 bill on to them. As Sara and Hayden were late getting started because they were waiting for Bianca and Carla, as Sara sees it, the ladies should be paying the bill.

After a stand-off with neither side willing to budge, The Block’s foreman, Dan Reilly, enters to find out what the conflict is about.

Dan reminds Sara that he’d told her earlier to talk to Bianca and Carla to find some way they could repay her for the delay they caused, suggesting she should ask them to do her and Hayden’s “lagging”, or water pipe insulation.

But Sara has a very different memory of what happened.

“Dan, you came to me, and you started yelling in my face. You did. Yeah, you did,” she tells Dan.

“I didn’t. It takes a lot for me to yell,” he replies. “I said, ‘I think you should go upstairs and ask the girls to do your lagging’. Can we go the replay? I don’t think I was yelling.”

Cut to the replay and sure enough, a calm Dan advises Sara about what he thinks she should do.

“If you think I was coming across yelling, I apologise … but I wasn’t yelling,” he says.

“OK fine, it wasn’t yelling,” Sara retorts. “But it was in a very assertive tone, that made me feel intimidated. That’s NOT ON. Because I don’t know ANYTHING about building.”

Viewers were left less than impressed by Sara’s antics.

So after all that, who paid the $700? Drawn the fight, Spence tells them all the stop arguing as he’ll pay the money rather than cause a conflict between teams so early in the competition.