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Shannen Findlay

Venomous snake found in this chilling part of Aussie home

Venomous snake found in this chilling part of Aussie home

It’s just a day after a large eastern brown snake’s head was found peaking from an Adelaide home’s kitchen sink.

However, Adelaide Snake Catchers are certainly not short of business because on Tuesday, a large brown snake was discovered inside a Kangarilla home – finding cool comfort in the back of the fridge.

Ange Broadstock, a seasoned snake catcher for the Adelaide reptile removalists, was called out to the Kangarilla home after the large, slithery critter squeezed under a door into the home.

Despite the family’s obvious distress and “panic” when seeing the venomous snake, they managed to keep the snake to one room, the expert told Yahoo 7 News.

“They did a good job of sealing up the rooms so we definitely knew it would still be in there,” she said.  

However Ms Broadstock was not expecting for the reptile to be coiled up in the back of the family fridge to find comfort in the coolness.

Ms Broadstock urged residents to sufficiently safeguard their homes in order for there to be no slithery incidents become a common occurrence.

“Homes need to have good door seals so snakes can’t squeeze under the door in the first place,” she explained.

The expert snake catcher says snakes love to follow straight lines, around fence lines and houses.

“If [the snake] feels a cool breeze from an air conditioner, especially on a hot day, then it will squeeze under the door and usually head for a cool hiding spot.”

Ms Broadstock urges residents to not panic if a venomous reptile ends up in your home. If you encounter a snake, use a towel to close off the room to block off any potential exits is the best decision to make.