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Time's up for "monster" magpie after 40 complaints and 3 years of attacks

Time's up for "monster" magpie after 40 complaints and 3 years of attacks

An aggressive magpie who had 40 complaints made against it has been killed in Sydney’s north-west ahead of another swooping season.

The magpie was infamous in Bella Vista as it attacked multiple people on Old Windsor Road over the last three years, and its hostile behaviour wasn’t due to nesting season.

Hills District Council said the magpie attacked outside of “swooping season” which usually starts at the beginning of spring.

“A particularly aggressive magpie has been impacting pedestrians and cyclists along the path and on Old Windsor Road adjacent to Francesco Crescent Reserve, Bella Vista over a number of years,” a spokesperson for the Hills Shire Council said.

“Council has received 40 complaints over the last three years and there have been confirmed injuries, of which several resulted in hospitalisation from this particular magpie.

“The magpie was known to attack people outside of ‘swooping season’ and its attacks are not linked to the protection of a next.”

The council revealed that attempts were made countless times to relocate the magpie, before they decided to kill the animal.

“Council does not usually take action to remove or destroy magpies – the usual procedure is to signpost known risk areas as birds are generally only aggressive for four to six weeks per year.

“Having regard to the number of complaints, number of confirmed injuries and ongoing risk associated with the location, and after having exhausted all practical alternatives to alleviate the risk, Council was issued a permit from the National Parks and Wildlife Service to engage a pest controller who humanely euthanised the bird to prevent further serious injuries. This course of action was not taken lightly.”