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Thrifty mums share $19 Kmart hack for transforming laundries

Thrifty mums share $19 Kmart hack for transforming laundries

Thrifty mums have shared their genius Kmart hacks for transforming their laundries into stylish, organised spaces.

One popular tip, posted to a Facebook group, involves turning a $19 drink dispensing station into a clever way to store and dispense fabric softener and laundry liquid.

Clever mums have revealed how this  $19 drinks dispenser (pictured) from Kmart can be transformed into a chic and stylish laundry liquids station

The hack was so well-received that several mums shared photos of how they’ve used the dispensing station in their laundries.

The drinks dispenser along with a jar and a black placemat makes for a stylish nook 

Melynda revealed how a quote board added to her corner made for an interesting touch 

This laundry uses both the drinks dispenser and quote board, however, a grey caddy helps to store extra products  

Another mum also revealed how she used a $10 Big W ladder and $6 Kmart felt baskets to create extra storage in her laundry room.

Queensland mother-of-six, Joelle Skinner, shared ton her blog: 'Phase two of laundry room organisation, a place for all of the kids' shoes! I thought and thought on this one, whether to use shelves or drawers or even purpose built shoe storage. But finally came up with this, which fits perfectly in this little space!”

“I found this bamboo ladder at Big W for $10 and these felt baskets for $6 each at Kmart, I added an extra dowel on top and voila, it's like they were made for each other!” she added.

Posting on her page, Jedi Mum Tricks, Mrs Skinner recently shared a number of ways she's simplified the process - the latest 'hack' involving $6 felt baskets from Kmart and a $10 ladder from Big W