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Wed, 22 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

"There's no snake in that photo": Snake catcher's photo baffles internet

"There's no snake in that photo": Snake catcher's photo baffles internet

Social media users have been left scratching their heads after a snake catcher asked them to spot a snake that had disguised itself in someone’s kitchen. 

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 were called to a home in Ninderry, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast earlier this week to remove the reptile. 

“Time for another game of spot the snake. This cheeky customer was removed from a home in Ninderry today!” snake catcher Lockie Gilding wrote on their Facebook page. 

Many were left baffled as to where the snake was hidden in the photo. 
Can you spot it? 

“There's no snake in that photo,” commented one confused user. 

“The newest edition of Where's Wally,” joked another. “I can never find the snake.”

The photo shows two brown stools pushed close together with a few magazines on top. 

It turns out the snake had curled itself around the leg of the right-hand stool. 

Lockie revealed that the reptile was a brown tree snake that was less than a year old. Despite brown tree snakes being mildly venomous, they are not considered to be dangerous as their fangs are at the back of the mouth so only a very large snake could inject venom into a human.


“Even though it's small I'd leave it well alone - some of those small snakes are as toxic as those bigger ones,” one user commented on the photo. 

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