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The McDonald’s cleaning hack you NEED to try

The McDonald’s cleaning hack you NEED to try

An Aussie mum has revealed her simple hack for vacuuming tricky areas using an unlikely item from McDonald’s. 

Taking to Facebook, Queensland mum Kythaya showed how she uses the lid and straw of a Macca’s drinking cup to suck up dust and insects.

The trick works by holding the lid of the plastic cup against the end of the vacuum hose and threading the straw inside the hole.

When turning no the vacuum hold the lid and straw and move the hose around to suck up dirt and debris from hard-to-reach places.

“Check this out, ladies,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean page.

“The flies that were stuck in the window sills are gone. There is probably an actual connection for this, but this works too.

“Just don’t let the straw go!”

The easy trick has gone viral, with thousands responding to Kythaya’s post.

“Keep your Macca’s rubbish! Can’t wait to try this,” said one.

Added another: “So going to try this! With five kids and Macca’s across the road we have way too many lids and straws.”

Said a third: “I did this on my sliding doors and it was amazing. You are a genius.”