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Sun, 2 Sep, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The Block judge’s harsh verdict over ‘worst’ room reveal

The Block judge’s harsh verdict over ‘worst’ room reveal

As The Block contestants showed off their hard work in last night's bedroom reveal, one duo copped harsh criticism from one of the judges.

Courtney and Hans, contestants from Western Australia, faced their fair share of battles when transforming their master bedroom – with plastering and styling issues delaying them so much they were unable to finish painting the room.

Their room caused the most controversy among the judges, with Neale disagreeing with Shaynna and Darren’s admiration of the décor.

“I’m just not feeling it,” Neale said to his fellow judges.

“There’s nothing in here that’s going to make me want to buy it. Yes, it’s grand and majestic but it feels like an exercise in wasted space.”

Neale then slammed the artwork Courtney spent two days deciding to buy, despite feedback that she shouldn’t.

“I mean, what do we do with these chairs, look at possibly the worst piece of art I’ve ever seen on The Block. I know I’m sounding very over the top, but I feel so strongly that the choice of art dictates the emotions you feel when you walk into the room.”

The judge then rattled off elements he would expect to see in a multimillion-dollar apartment.

“Show me a couch, an ottoman, an amazing rug, floor-to-ceiling mirrors.”

However, after seeing Hans and Courtney’s walk-in wardrobe, the judge was able to admire one aspect of their work.

“This is one of the most impressive walk-in wardrobes I’ve seen on The Block,” he said.

The duo received a score of 22 for their master bedroom.

Sara and Hayden – 26.5

For Sydney couple, Sara and Hayden, they found their bounce back while working on their master bedroom after threatening to walk off the show last week.

After Sara’s breakdown over coming last three weeks in a row, the team finally managed to show off their styling skills – receiving the highest score for their master bedroom.

The team opted for a navy feature wall, a regal bedhead and an impressive walk-in-wardrobe.

“I love that they’ve got the ottoman at the foot of the bed that matches the bedhead, I think that’s really elegant,” Darren said.

Shaynna praised the couple for heading to her advice and showing restraint with their texture combinations.

"The restraint they've shown is great," Blaze said.

“They wanted all these different textures and they were clashing. They were going to have venetian plaster, a textured wallpaper and lots of velvet, so they have really pulled back.”

Kerrie and Spence – 24

Kerrie and Spence managed to place second for the master bedroom reveal, despite their spacious room being described as “forgettable”.

Although the judges complimented the colour scheme, they criticised the team’s styling arrangement.

“They’re hospital lights with a hospital glow and it feels clinical,” Shaynna said about the hanging lights over the bed.

“It’s a forgettable bedroom from a buyer’s perspective.”

Norm and Jess – 22.5

The QLD duo received criticism from Neale for making their gold themed bed and TV look similar to a “gold class cinema”.

“If there was ever a room crying out for less is more, it’s this one,” Neale said. 

“I can see where they are trying to go. I actually think the colour palette is really clever and beautifully done, but wow, what an overload.”

Shaynna agreed that the decorating was overwhelming in such a tiny room.

Bianca and Carla – 22.5

The team from Victoria struggled with the tiles on their feature wall and not having a visible air conditioner vent this week.

“There’s a part of me that looks at that bed and thinks it’s got some of the most beautiful styling I’ve ever seen on this show. But I don’t think these girls are thinking how we actually live,” Neale said. “It’s style over substance. This doesn’t function.”

Shaynna found the room overtly masculine.

“I feel this is so heavily masculine with the dark drapes, the dark walls, the charcoal. There’s little in here that will appeal to a female buyer.”

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