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Supermarket wars heat up: Coles' big plan to beat ALDI with hot new range

Supermarket wars heat up: Coles' big plan to beat ALDI with hot new range

Coles has just released its new homewares range with affordable items, a stylish look and a much more exciting weekly grocery shop. 

The supermarket giant has included everything in its latest release from cushions all the way to lamps. 

Dominique Lamb, CEO of the National Retail Association, told A Current Affair the latest release is all about convenience. 

"It's all about going in store or online and being able to pick up as many things as possible, so that you don't have to go to a million places,” Lamb said.

All the nifty items were made to appeal to those looking to ramp up their home styling without having to go out of their way to look for must-have items elsewhere or without spending too much. 

Coles' homewares range has 70 per cent of their items costing $10 or less and only 4 per cent costing more than $20 – with nothing over $30. 

The Your Home range will not be around for long, however, and the supermarket is urging customers to get their foot in the door before it is too late. 

The ‘limited-time’ move has proven to be a successful scheme for ALDI, who offers bi-weekly Special Buys for cheap prices. 

"ALDI has done really well with their Special Buy range," Lamb said.

"That's because they are for a limited time, often they're very high quality items that are sold in a particular range, in a particular location and really it's become a bit of a cult following."

The Your Home range will be available until August 25.

The collection includes:

  • 2-pack Pet Bag – $2

  • Succulent in Glass Pot – $5

  • Decorative Ceramic and Wood Canister – $6

  • Mahala Jar (ceramic pot with lid and leather handle) – $6

  • Felt Storage Box – $10

  • Velvet Cushion – $13

  • Timber Photo Frame – $15

  • Plush Throw – $15

  • Four Draw Timber Storage Box – $12

  • Maya Table Top Lamp – $25

  • Round Wall Shelf – $25