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Snake catcher's grim warning for Christmas

Snake catcher's grim warning for Christmas

Aussies are being warned to be aware of pythons protecting their eggs this season.

Sharing a photo of a carpet python incubating her eggs, Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast revealed how the fiercely protective mother was discovered on a building site in St Lucia, Brisbane earlier in the week.

They were asked to remove the snake and her eggs.

The snake catchers safely transported the mother and handed her eggs in to be incubated, as stated on their Facebook page.

Female carpet pythons will incubate their eggs for two months.

“During this time, she won’t eat and will only ever move off the eggs to bask in the sun close by and return the heat to the eggs. As you can imagine, due to this dedication, they end up looking quite emaciated towards the end of the incubation period,” said the snake catchers.

“Once the young begin to hatch and disperse, there is no further parental care.”

 According to snake catcher, Stuart McKenzie from The Snake Catcher 24/7 – Sunshine Coast, releasing mother snakes into the wild and handing in her eggs for incubation is a fairly common practice.

If found by him, the eggs are taken to Australia Zoo to be cared for.

“When the mother is caught and released, she won’t take the eggs back and rather disappears into the bush,” said Mr McKenzie.

“I have relocated a mother on eggs and been able to put her and the eggs back in the bush together and she stays on them only a couple of times.”

Where are pythons most likely to lay their eggs?

Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast say areas which have piles of grass clippings are the most attractive areas for pythons to lay their eggs and incubate them.

“Avoid letting a pile of grass clippings accumulate into a very attractive mound for snakes to see as a suitable site for their eggs,” said the snake catchers.

They also advised to remain alert around rock retaining walls, as the climate in the small space is considered the perfect temperature for snakes to lay their eggs.

“Simple shelter sites provided by various natural and artificial debris should also be considered as potential sites when tidying up the yard,” they said.