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Wed, 11 Jul, 2018Melody Teh

Mum’s clever $27 Kmart hack for gorgeous indoor hanging garden

Mum’s clever $27 Kmart hack for gorgeous indoor hanging garden

A mother with a love of greenery has shared her hack for transforming a $27 clothing rack from Kmart into a gorgeous indoor garden.

Rebecca Grining, of Geelong, Victoria, rents her home which meant she had to find an inventive way to bring the garden into her home as drilling holes in the walls and ceiling was not allowed. So Rebecca turned to budget friendly retailer Kmart to help her find a solution. 

“When you rent and you will do anything to have hanging plants indoors!” she wrote on a post alongside an image she shared to social media. “Kmart clothes rack to the rescue! The obsession is real.”

The photos show a tall, black, clothes rack with four plants hanging from the top rail.

As a renter, with a love of greenery, Rebecca Grining, of Geelong, reveals how a $27 rack from Kmart (pictured) could be transformed into a hanging garden 

Rebecca also revealed she had sourced the other pieces for her indoor garden from second-hand shops, making it a very budget-friendly creation.

“The four-tiered hanger was in stock [at Kmart] last year, the middle is an op shopped cane basket with the Kmart macrame hanger, the black and grey hanger was from pillow talk,” she told 9Honey.

 Ms Grining explained she removed the fabric panel at the bottom of the rack (pictured) as this didn't serve a purpose 

Rebecca shared her hack to a popular mother's Facebook group where the post has been liked nearly 4,000 times.

“I have one of those racks (full of clothes overflowing from small wardrobe), but am now thinking I need another to do this!” one mum wrote.

Another added: “Deserves the Best Hack Award.”