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Miraculous find of missing airport cat after 2 days

Miraculous find of missing airport cat after 2 days

A cat who went missing on a flight to Cairns has been found safe and sound after a wild adventure from start to finish. 

Cookie was set to fly with Virgin Australia to Cairns, Queensland on Sunday - however once the plane landed, there was no sight of the beloved pet. 

Owners Jack and Jessica Thomas are planning to move overseas and were sending Cookie along with their dog to live with family members across states. 

Several frantic phone calls eventually led to the couple finding out their feline had never made it to Cairns, they told 9News on Monday. 

At the time, Mr Thomas said he was left “frustrated” by the situation. 

Jessica and Jack Thomas were left feeling "frustrated" over their missing cat, Cookie. Image: 9News.

“Nobody seems to be able to give us any answers as to how it happened.”

“I just want my cat back,” a tearful Ms Thomas said. 

Thankfully, after 24 hours of distress for the family, the story can finally have a happy ending. 

“We are pleased to have found Cookie safe and sound after an extensive search and we look forward to reuniting him with his owners,” a Virgin spokesperson said in a statement, as reported by Yahoo News. 

“We will continue to investigate how this incident occurred and we will review and update our processes accordingly.”

Mr and Mrs Thomas took to social media and contacted news organisations in an attempt to spread the word about Cookie, who they feared could be anywhere in the country.

However, the cat was reportedly found in the airport. 

Virgin Australia staff did not comment on the state of the missing feline.