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Danielle McCarthy

Kmart's best budget Christmas hack yet – and it's only $3

Kmart's best budget Christmas hack yet – and it's only $3

Savvy Aussie mums have shared a nifty hack that allows them to create incredible festive centrepieces on a budget.

The clever trick involves using a surprising $3 Kmart product – a pool noodle.

The mums have created the centrepieces by using a hot glue gun to stick down fake Christmas branches around the noodle before sticking down an assortment of baubles.

One Kmart shopper asked a Facebook group to share what people had been able to create using the simple guideline.

One woman shared her oval shaped table piece that had been decorated with gold and silver baubles, gold stars and birds.

She explained that although it was sitting on her table right now, she was planning to suspend it from the ceiling for her festive celebrations.

One Aussie decided to ditch the faux Christmas tree branches and decorated her centrepiece with only red, gold and green baubles.

She also intertwined them with fairy lights to add some magic to her centrepiece, as well as four candles as accent pieces.

One person had a go at the DIY project by adhering to a non-traditional colour scheme, which included blue tinsel and blue and gold baubles.

Will you have a go at this impressive Christmas DIY project? Let us know in the comments below.