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Is your tree safe? Dangerous Christmas lights shatter and catch fire

Is your tree safe? Dangerous Christmas lights shatter and catch fire

Australians are being warned to be cautious about the Christmas tree lights they purchase after dodgy Chinese-made lights have posed a serious fire risk.

A number of lights imported from China and illegally sold in Australia do not meet local safety standards and have been found to be a fire hazard.

The Christmas lights are not Australian certified and can cause severe damage.

Fair Trading senior investigator Glen Toole told Seven News the most common flaw in these lights are that the bulbs break “easily and expose live parts”.

As a result, the discount store lights can set alight a Christmas tree and risk burning down a house in only a few minutes.

Fire and Rescue NSW is advising Aussies to only purchase Australian-made and certified light decorations (with an Australian Standards label), as well as some other festive guidelines.

They also recommend only using one item per power socket to avoid overloading power boards or piggy back double adapters.

If you do use a power board, make sure it has both overload protection and earth leakage protection incorporated for maximum safety.

In the Christmas season, it is also recommended to regularly check lights and inspect the plugs and leads to make sure they are all working sufficiently.

Fire and Rescue NSW also suggested that decorative lights are kept out of reach from children as well as flammable materials, including wrapped presents under the tree or curtains.

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