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“I never noticed that!”: The one thing shoppers don’t know about Woolworths’ green bags

“I never noticed that!”: The one thing shoppers don’t know about Woolworths’ green bags

Australian grocery giant Woolworths is paving the way when it comes to environmentally friendly shopping.

Turns out, its 99-cent green reusable “Bag for good” bags can be replaced free of charge if they end up damaged.

A photo originally posted to a Facebook group revealed that the plastic-free bag only needs to be purchased once, as according to Woolworths' policy, any damaged bags will be replaced for no extra cost.

“Use this bag again and again. If it gets damaged, we will replace for free,” the bag clearly states.

And shoppers have taken the decision positively, as Woolworths has garnered praise for the initiative.

“Thanks for posting,” wrote one user. “I didn’t realise. I get a msg (sic) from Woollies reminding me to take bags wen I go to the shopping centre.”

Another said: “That was said by them from day one, hence the ‘bag for good’ printed on those ones.”

“I’ve had several replaced. It’s excellent customer service,” said a third.

Last year, Woolworths and Coles were on the receiving end of intense backlash after both supermarket giants decided to phase out plastic bags from its stores in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

The single-use bags were replaced by sturdier, reusable bags priced at 15 cents each.

Woolworths offers its online shoppers a refund on unwanted bags if they choose to have their items packed in reusable plastic bags.

“When it’s time for your online reusable bags to be recycled, simply hand them back to us for recycling with REDcycle while receiving a new online order and we’ll refund $1 against your latest order,” Woolworths announced in a statement.

Coles currently has no refund policy in place for unwanted bags. 

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