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How to take camellia cuttings

How to take camellia cuttings

Camellias, especially the japonicas and sasanquas, propagate easily from cuttings, so you can get plants for free. The best time to take and pot up cuttings is midsummer, but it’s worth giving it a go any time. 

Step 1: Take the cutting

Take the cuttings from the new spring growth when the wood has turned light brown. Use secateurs to cut a 150mm long piece, making the basal cut just below a node. 

Step 2: Remove lower leaves

Remove the lower leaves and cut the top three in half. Dip the cuttings in honey or hormone-rooting powder and pot up using propagating mix. TIP Use three cuttings per 150mm pot.

Step 3: Cover the pot

Cover the pot with a plastic bag to keep the air humid, inserting two sticks each side of the pot to prop up the bag. Position in a shaded spot and check often, adding water if needed

Republished with permission of Handyman Australia.