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EXCLUSIVE: We chat with Maker Kat

EXCLUSIVE: We chat with Maker Kat

The debut episode of Making It Australia saw 13 creatives test their skills in two challenges.

Jack came out on top in the first Faster Craft challenge, while Robert won the main Master Craft challenge with his traditional shield carved from red gum.

But, one person had to go, and Kat was delivered the bad news after her Gaelic harp lacked finishing details and its iconic shape.

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After her departure, Kat sat down with Over60 to talk about her time on the show, and give a few hints about whether we will see her again.

O60: What was the highlight of being a Maker?

The experience of meeting other people and forming such good memories while we were together.

We all got on so well. I was nervous about coming on the show but there were no dramas at all. I don’t know how [the show] pulled it off.

O60: What surprised you most about your Making It experience?

[Everything that happened] behind the scenes was interesting, and getting to how production [of a TV show] works.

O60: On the show, you surprised Susie and Harvey by sharing that you bought your first book recently. What was the book that you bought and have you made any more progress?

[It was called] The subtle of not giving a f**k. I’m about halfway through but whenever I try to read I get distracted by other things … I might stick with my colouring books.

O60: What’s next for you after Making It?

I’m currently studying a cert 3 and 4 in fitness, and want to become a [personal trainer] next year. I want to expand my brand and start by offering it to friends and family… I just want to make people around me more healthy.

I’m also getting into photography and doing photoshoots for my friends and family. … I saved up and got myself a new camera… I don’t have eight hours on a weekend to paint but [with photography]  I can go out for an hour or two and satisfy that craving for art.

O60: You were the first to be “eliminated” . . . but it seems like you are still on the show! Can you tell us more about that? Is Making It trying to change the format of elimination style reality shows?

I can’t go into too much detail about it, but it won’t be the last time you’ll see my face on the show.

It’s not like other reality shows like The Bachelorette where it’s your love life that gets squashed [after elimination].

O60: Last but not least, if you had the chance, would you do it again?

Absolutely. I would totally do it again.

Making It Australia will be returning on Thursday night and challenging the remaining makers to construct their own Happy Place.

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