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"Everything's big here": North Queensland mum unfazed by huge 5m snake

 "Everything's big here": North Queensland mum unfazed by huge 5m snake

A resident of Mission Beach, Queensland, says she was unfazed after spotting a five-metre long python weighing close to 40kg in her laundry.

Lee-Ann Kennedy recalled the story of how she and her husband woke to the barking of their dog at 4:30 am on Friday – a warning that she “initially ignored” before her husband urged her to come and see what he had found.

Coming across a giant python consuming a baby wallaby in their shed, the couple say they weren’t shocked in the slightest and had a “quiet drink” afterwards.

“It went to go out of the shed but then it moved into the laundry … we thought it was better to close the doors and keep him there because at least we knew where he was,” said Ms Kennedy.

Ms Kennedy then called a snake catcher after locking the serpent in the laundry. The people behind the heroic capture were Charlie Bear and her nephew Tom Geary who lent a helping hand.

Sharing the video to Facebook, the snake can be seen being dragged by two people as it refuses to be captured.

When the catchers finally got their hands on the massive snake and placed it in a bag, the reptile managed to escape with the bag on the verge of ripping due to the sheer size of the reptile.

After two unsuccessful attempts, the snake managed to remain in the bag after trapping it with a sheet.

Ms Kennedy thanked the two catchers, who then relocated the snake to a national park.

The python is said to be around 30-40 years old.

Source: Facebook

“Charlie said it was great to see a snake that big, at least humans haven’t killed everything yet,” she said.

She said the ordeal was an “amazing” experience, but something that is not out of the ordinary in far North Queensland.

“It’s really great advertising for far North Queensland, come here and you’re bound to have a great experience, whether it be pythons, Hercules moths, Ulysses butterflies or crocodiles."

Ms Kennedy added, “Everything’s just big here.”

She also confessed that the terrifying experience wasn’t her first.

“I’ve had another snake in my bathroom, he was a bush python too and all he wanted to do was look at himself in the mirror, it was really funny,” said Ms Kennedy.

“After Cyclone Yasi, my son heard noises at his home and went looking outside and found a python killing a wallaby.

“Far North Queensland is a little bit different isn’t?” she said. “We just take it in our stride.”