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Shannen Findlay

Duchess Kate and Pippa Middleton’s former London home sells for $3.36 million

Before she was lapping in royal family luxury, the Duchess of Cambridge was a relatively normal person. When she was just Kate, without the royal title, or a marriage to Prince William – the heir to the British throne – or an address at Kensington Palace, the royal was just plain Kate Middleton. 

The home she once lived in with her sister, Pippa Middleton, recently sold for an eye-watering $3.36 million. 

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It is not hard to find the personality of the beloved sisters who once graced the three-bedroom Chelsea home – with charm, elegance and a luxury feel, it is no surprise it was once lived in by a member of the royal family. 

The property recently went on the market for $3.448 million, however sold for a little under the asking price.

The flat was purchased by the Middleton parents, Carole and Michael, in 2002 for $1.3 million – a pretty big leap from what it was sold for 17 years later. 

The home hosts three spacious bedrooms along with two bathrooms and goes over three levels. A large living room – or ‘reception room’ – makes up the bulk of the living space on the second floor, while the three bedrooms can be located on the third floor. 

Bathed with light, the new homeowners will be spoilt with an open and airy space – a rare find in a London home. 

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While the kitchen and bathroom finishings are clean and appropriate – they have been left for the new house owners to put their own personal stamp on the place to make it officially their own. Although the home may not have quite the same design or finish as it did when Duchess Kate and her little sister lived there, it  definitely retains the same regal feeling. 

The royal has not lived in the home since 2009, before she was engaged to Prince William. 

Pippa has not resided in the property for many years either, and now lives with her husband and son in their $30 million home. 

The property is not quite a palace, but it is definitely a perfect home for a family. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the Chelsea home here. 

Image credit: Knight Frank