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“Do not drive your car!”: The alarming note a family found

“Do not drive your car!”: The alarming note a family found

A Queensland family found a note warning them not to drive their car for an alarming reason.

The family – who live in Slacks Creek, southeast of Brisbane – were at home on Sunday at around 5pm when they found the handwritten note left on the car’s windscreen.

“Do not drive your car,” the message read.

“There’s a snake underneath or in your motor. Call a snake catcher for your own sake! Please, this is no joke!”

The message was confirmed to be true after the family reviewed their home security footage, which showed a 1.6-metre carpet python slither under the car.

Snake catcher Bryce Lockett was called in to capture the snake. “The family weren’t sure if the snake had left either,” Lockett told Yahoo News Australia.

“They didn’t want to open the bonnet either. They were terrified.”

Lockett told 10 daily the snake was found at the back of the car’s engine. “While the python isn’t venomous, it risked harm to itself and the car’s engine due to its location,” he said.

As the weather warms up, snakes come out of their brumation period to bask in the sun, feed and mate.

“Males can get very engrossed in trying to impress females and don’t realise where they are or what’s around them,” said Lockett.

“We tend to get called out at this time of year for male snakes fighting in people’s roofs and backyards.”

Snake catcher Tony Harrison also said this is a busy time of the year. “September was a very, very busy month and October too; a quiet day was six or eight call-outs and some days up to 14 at least,” Harrison told The Courier-Mail.

He said the number of call-outs will increase further in December.