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Can you spot the sneaky snake in this tool shed?

Can you spot the sneaky snake in this tool shed?

A “sneaky snake” has been found in a Brisbane toolshed, however, many people are baffled after failing to find where the python was hiding.

A photo of a shed was shared to Facebook on Friday afternoon, asking followers of the Snake Catchers Brisbane page to find the slithering reptile hiding in an inconspicuous place.

“Can you guess where this sneaky snake is hiding?” the post on the Brisbane Snake Catchers Facebook page wrote.

The post racked up over 1,400 comments filled with confused Facebook users.

Many guessed the snake was hiding between tools and cans, behind beer bottles and on top of a radio – all of which were incorrect.

“Did you take the photo after removing the snake?” one user joked after a flurry of comments filled with wrong answers flooded beneath the post.

“Nope! It’s there, just hiding very well,” the Facebook page responded to the cheeky comment.

Later that day, the Snake Catcher page revealed the python’s expert hiding place.

“This carpet python’s nose was poking just over the ledge,” the page wrote, circling the area with a black heart.

“As soon as it’s cover was blown it slithered out of its hiding spot to make a quick get away!”

Although there were many incorrect guesses, the page confirmed that snakes had been removed from many sneaky hiding spots mentioned in the post.

“Everyone is still right in a way... we’ve caught many snakes from all the spots you’ve all mentioned, now you know where to start looking if you ever feel eyes on you.”

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