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Aussie family's devastating discovery after catching snake in their home

Aussie family's devastating discovery after catching snake in their home

Queensland saw yet another snake incident as a large carpet python was found swallowing a house cat in Wishart, Brisbane.

Brisbane Snake Catchers, who captured the wild reptile, posted a picture of the aftermath on Facebook.

The photograph shows the long snake lying on a wooden beam with a large lump in its mid-section.

“An unfortunate situation for residents in Wishart today when they found a Large Carpet python consuming one of their two cats,” said the snake catchers on the post.

“The residents were sad for obvious reasons but realized it was only natural for the python to do so and agreed they need to keep a better eye on [the cats].”

The catchers also advised cat owners to keep their pets indoors. 

“This is another reason to be mindful of letting cats roam ... they can be subject to other animals as well,” they said.

In recent weeks, more cases of snake invasion have been reported in Queensland. Last week, a Coolangatta family found a carpet python with over 500 ticks in their backyard pool, while nine people were hospitalised overnight for snake bites in late December.

To protect your home against snakes, the Queensland government recommends blocking all potential entry points, including doors and windows, and keeping gardens and backyards clean and tidy.

If you find a snake in your home, snake catcher Max Jackson said you should not attempt to kill or catch it. “They’re purely defensive animals,” Jackson told the ABC. 

“If you corner them and try kill or capture them, especially inside the house, they can’t kick or punch and there’s only one thing they can do and it’s bite you.”

Jackson suggested contacting a licensed snake catcher to relocate the reptile to avoid putting yourself at risk.

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