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Wed, 19 Dec, 2018Basmah Qazi

Aussie couple’s terrifying discovery whilst watching Netflix

Aussie couple’s terrifying discovery whilst watching Netflix

A couple were in for a terrifying shock after they discovered a giant carpet python hanging from a ceiling fan above their heads.

Zach Houliston, 21, and his girlfriend, Libby, were enjoying a quiet night in and watching Netflix in their home at Victoria Point, South East Queensland, when they received the fright of their lives.

The reptile had been residing in the couple’s air conditioning vent and slithered out to hang from the ceiling fan.

Photo: Yahoo7 News

Speaking to Yahoo7 News, Mr Houliston said, “It was hanging down from the roof, probably half a metre above our heads.”

He claims that once the snake was spotted, the pair screamed and jumped out of their beds.

The snake was able to crawl out of the air conditioning duct as it was planned to be fixed due to the part that attached it to the roof being broken.

The couple had previously spotted snakes around their homes and were aware of a few living in their roof, but were not prepared to see one so close to their heads.

“That’s the last time I want one coming through my roof,” said Mr Houliston.

To make sure it doesn’t happen again, he has sealed all the vents around the house and hopes that the measures would keep unwanted visitors out.