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Thu, 28 Jun, 2018Danielle McCarthy

9 cost-effective ways to warm your home this winter

9 cost-effective ways to warm your home this winter

Sick of hearing about the same old heating methods that never quite do the job? Try these nine unconventional heating hacks. 

1. Preheat your pyjamas

While you shower, put your pyjamas in the dryer to ensure that you have toasty warm clothing to change into as soon as you leave the warmth of the bathroom. For a slightly more affordable version, wrap your PJs in a hot water bottle or heat bag, not only will it heat your clothes but it will make your bed toasty warm too, just be sure to remove the hot water bottle from your bed before you settle down to sleep for the night. 

2. Join the fan club

It might seem counter-productive but turning a fan on at the lowest setting will help circulate heat throughout the room. Don't knock it until you try it!

3. Hottie in the car

Dreading your chilly morning commute to work? Make your early start a little easier to stomach by putting hand warmers into your pockets or heat up a hot water bottle with warm water or a heat bag and put it on your lap as you drive. 

4. Utilise bubble wrap

For those whose home insulation isn't up to scratch, a budget-friendly trick is to use bubble wrap to insulate your windows from the inside. To create the DIY double glazing, simply get some bubble wrap and use a product like blue-tac to hold it in place on your windows.

5. Make use of your curtains

Keep your house warmer for longer by making use of your curtains and the limited winter sun. To do this, open all of your curtains on a sunny morning and allow the house to soak up as much heat as possible during the day. As night falls, let your curtains act as an additional piece of insulation by closing them at dusk and trapping heat inside the house.

6. Cuddle your pet

When in doubt, a great way to stay warm on a cold night is by sharing body heat. While snuggling up with your partner might make you a little bit warmer, cuddling a furry pet will heat you up a lot faster. The key to success with this hack is to cuddle up with the fluffiest animal possible, so try and find a friend with a Ragdoll cat or a St Bernard.

7. Go camping… indoors

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't go camping... well, as long as it's in the living room. For a warm night's sleep, fill up a tent with pillows and blankets, make sure it's all zipped up and settle down for the night. The enclosed space will heat up by trapping the air and using your body warmth to make the space nice and cosy.

8. Redecorate

Positioning your favourite seat in front of the heater might feel great when you're sitting in it, but when you put furniture too close to a heating source you're actually stopping the hot air from circulating throughout the rest of the room. Fix this problem by repositioning your furniture and allowing the hot air to fill the whole room, rather than just absorbing it all up in one spot.

9. Get in the kitchen

There's nothing like a good soup or a roast to make you feel better on a cold winter’s night. Cooking is an easy way to warm up the air in your home, while also providing you with something warm to eat at the same time. 

What is your best tip for keeping your home warm in winter? Let us know in the comments below.

Republished with permission of Stuff.co.nz.